10 Tips For Proposing Marriage On Christmas Eve

Most women start dreaming of their wedding day when they are little girls. Many dream of fairy tale weddings just like they see when watching television or movies. When a woman finds a man who asks her to marry him, she begins planning her wedding right away. This is the time when the dreams of the fairy tale wedding come to light. Many brides dream of a fairy tale wedding that incorporates natural beauty and charm. This includes getting married at a country manor, having the perfect music played for the wedding and even the horse drawn fairy tale wedding carriage.

You can choose to have dinner brought in from a local restaurant. They set it up in your bungalow and you can dine by romantic candle light with your partner. My husband and I did just that. The food was wonderful and plentiful. You can opt for ordering pizza delivery, but the candle light dinner is just so much more romantic.

Practice classic etiquette. Greet her warmly. If you met her online, say something such as, “you are even more beautiful in person.” Hold doors and car doors open for her. When walking down the street, offer her your arm, and walk so that you are closer to the outer curb. All of these things are gentlemanly and will not go unnoticed.

Allied Arts Guild. The Allied Arts Guild is in Menlo Park and can provide space for a celebration of no more than 140 guests. This venue is like an enchanting moor, with Spanish gardens, fountains, rose alleys, courtyards and beautiful architecture. You will leave your wedding photographer perplexed with the thousands of breathtaking backdrops perfect for taking your wedding pictures. Picture that perfect wedding shot with the both of you naturally framed under Spanish colonial style arches. It will be a charming wedding you will never forget.

Ask questions. And listen to her answers. This is a big one, and for some reason it is overlooked by a lot of men. Ask her questions about her interests, her loves, her hobbies, etc. Steer clear of religion and politics on the first date. But pretty much anything else you can ask her about is good.

Transportation. Arriving in style in an attention getting fashion is often the goal. Whether this is by limo or horse and carriage for weddings, there is often a dream involved on the part of the prom couple. Again, sharing the ride with a group of friends reduces the costs-but, doing some cost comparisons and early bookings often yield a lot of savings.

Pirate: Sail the Seven Seas with a pirate theme wedding. This one promises swashbuckling adventure for all invited! The key with a pirate wedding is to walk the fine line between embracing the theme and looking too much like a costume party. Think “sophisticated pirate”. Decorations like vintage maps and old ships’ wheels will fit in with the theme without looking cheesy. Nautical flags are another great decor idea, especially the old-timey pirate symbols. Chocolate coins wrapped with gold foil make the perfect “booty” for wedding favors, and of course, the drink of the day should be rum.

For more information about Dickens of a Saturday, click here. On Saturday, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11, the Star Line Trolley downtown will be running from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. with an extended route, and downtown parking will be free during the day.

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