5 Suggestions On How To Raise Bees

In the Rocky Mountains, it’s nearly fall and winter season is quick approaching. The bees feel the cold coming. The start of September is the cut off point. After the beginning of September the bees should be left alone to make propolis and seal up their hives for the winter. Given that the hives cannot be opened till spring, the beekeeper should ensure that the hive has enough honey to make it through the winter.

# 5 – Harvest the honey. Really little could be gathered in the very first year, however afterward you can start harvesting substantial quantity of honey. Harvesting is drones store indeed the best part of beekeeping.

Feeding them with sugar and water likewise enables them to start developing honey in their honeycombs. As quickly as they go out of the hives, they will be able to find the way of their paths of pollen within numerous days.

On day 1 the queen in fact goes to war with any left over queen bee cells in the hive. These are completely killed and gotten rid of off. This is a necessary activity to prevent any future swarming or division of the colony.

Before insulating the beehives for the winter, they should be treated for mite problems, etc. Personally, I just treat for mites. I utilize one of 2 methods. My preferred approach is separately misting each frame of bees in the brood chamber with sucrocide. As I spray each frame, I try to find frames of drones sale. These frames are removed from the hive and frozen. They can be reinserted in the spring. Given that termites are most drawn in to drone larvae, getting rid of the drone larvae can considerably lower the mite population. Fogging the bees with mineral oil offers some degree of mite control as well. There are many different methods for dealing with mites. Whatever your technique of option, it should be done prior to sealing the hives for winter season.

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